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The Team

5945 West Main Street, Suite 102

Kalamazoo Michigan  49009

P: (269) 381-2420

F: (269) 381-3399

Transitional Architecture for today's environment

Slocum Architects will fully examine your requirements, budget and project site to help define the scope of the project.  We will look beyond your immediate needs to design a flexible building that will adapt with the changing needs of your business.

Maximize Your Investment

A well-desgined project can reduce initial costs and also increase the building's long-term value.  A building designed for maximum energy and space efficiency can reduce costs now and throughout the future.  We will look at the "big picture" to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the people who work and do business within your spaces.

Jeff Crites, AIA


Principle Architect

Jon Rambow, RA

Project Architect

Whether you are about to expand your current facility or construct an entirely new building, your project represents a major investment of your time and resources that will affect your organization for years to come.  Slocum Architects will walk through the entire building process, from land acquisition to building design to construction and finally to owner occupancy.

A Collaborative Effort

At the heart of every successfull project is a strong relationship between the client and the Architect.  The more knowledgeable and involved in the design process a client is, the more likely they are to fully enjoy the final product.  We credit the sucess of our projects to our "team approach" throughout the design process.

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